About Muriël

Relax, take a few deep breaths - It is safe to let go of your high expectations, your stress, your fear now. You CAN transform your life, have more quality time and connectedness with yourself and your family, feel fulfilled, inner happiness and live a life you love.


I’m Muriël Dalmulder, International Leadership Coach and Speaker. I believe we all are limitless! I believe everybody can be happy. Though we learn to survive in life and we hardly learn to be ourselves, to be YOU, who you are without all the layers of imprints and limiting beliefs we carry with us our whole lives. It’s time to reconnect to YOU, who you are if you are FREE of limiting beliefs, FREE of stress, Free of conditions. It’s time to Get Your Spark Back!  


Ever since I was young, I knew it is my gift, to help people to be happy. I was so aware of the fact that everything is energy. I was highly sensitive and mind and soul-feeding myself in all areas that had to do with energy. I wanted to help people reconnect with their inner happiness, though I was too young.   


To grow up in this world, I thought I had to conform and live according to expectations. I always heard to never stick my head out, be modest, and watch out with your spontaneity. So I studied, landed in corporate jobs, great ones to be honest. And I really had a dream life, on the outside. Deep down inside something was missing still. My perfectionism, the pleaser in me and my high expectations kept me stuck between the walls of what I THOUGHT, was expected of me. I ended up living in my head.




I lost myself; I lost touch with my heart, my intuition, and my true nature. I was hiding in the comfort zone of having a corporate job, fulfilling my own and others high expectations and being that successful independent businesswoman.


Until my son was born and my heart completely opened with love like I never experienced before. I felt I had to change something. I realized I had been living so out of alignment with my heart and my true nature. That was what sparked this journey.


I believe everybody deserves to be happy and fulfilled. Being an executive myself, I know how much responsibility you have and how much you are juggling between work, private life, and family, me-time.


I found a way to have it all, being fulfilled and happy in all areas of life and lead from being in alignment and connection with your heart, your mission, and your loved ones.


I’ve done the inner work myself and because there was still a part in me that wanted to fulfill expectations, I made sure I have all the credentials, I’m and ABNLP certified trainer of NLP, MBSR trainer, ABNLP certified master hypnotist and ABNLP master Timeline Therapist. 


Still, without my own experience and the inner work I’ve done, I could never help people as I do now. I created a method, the EAGLE method. A leadership method that helps you to Get Your Spark Back! I went through it myself and now I successfully help others with it and I love it as it helps you to be fulfilled in all areas of life again. 

How these clients got their spark back!

A re-set for life

"The Coaching session with Muriël was one I never experienced before. It was a complete reset of my system. with her guidance, I transformed all that no longer served me anymore into abundance in life. I still from today benefit from this and I am so grateful for this."

You won't believe til you see it!

"I’m grateful for all I’ve learned from Muriël. She really brightened my life, guided me through the most difficult period in my life, helped me to deal with my fear and stress, let go of my wounded child and create the life I desire!"

Thank you!

"We wanted to provide the best possible care for our patients and Muriël helped our team of doctors and assistants build an even more stabile professional working environment."