Client LOVE

My clients love to work with me because of my energy, my sensitivity, and wisdom. They feel safe to go deep and let go of all that is limiting them. While working with me they say they feel empowered to change, ready to create life with purpose. And even more, they are living the life they truly love!


Terence Tokrombo: Working with Muriël changed my life. I was able to let go of the patterns and beliefs that were holding me back to live my dreams and find the right work-life balance. I now live the life I really dreamed of, at power to deal with all the challenges life still has in store for me. I’m completely aligned with my higher self. Successful in work and happy in life.


Claire van Rooijen: before I met Muriël I was ready to quit life. I was mentally and physically exhausted. She brought me back in touch with myself. Taught me to love myself again, tap into my power and feel there is still so much to live for. The resources I learned from her allow me to create my life the way I want it. I’m still learning and I do have all the tools to go through life by myself now. 


Kim Luu: The Coaching sessions with Muriël were something I never experienced before. It was a complete reset of my system. With her guidance, I transformed all that no longer served me anymore into abundance in life. I still from today benefit from this and I am so grateful for this. 


Chantal Spieard: I’m grateful for all I’ve learned from Muriël. She really brightened my life, guided me through the most difficult period in my life, helped me to deal with my fear and stress, let go of my wounded child and create the life I desire!