The 12 modules

Through a 12-step journey, you'll go from stressed, bored, out of energy and passion, out of connection with yourself and/or loved ones and stuck, to self-trust, self-worth, peace of mind, empowerment, and fulfillment. Living your purpose and being happy in all areas of life.

Each module comes with a worksheet and guided meditation. 

Module 1: 2hr Strategy  Call with me to go to the root of your issues and challenges so you know what to work- and focus on during the program

Module 2: Explore and create your Vision(s). Insights in Unconscious Personality Traits through an enneagram and representational systems test)

Module 3: Learn everything about the background on behavior, how to change and to increase your Energy and live your Passion

Module 4: Work with your success team; the subconscious and conscious mind that will lead to the higher conscious mind, and neuroplasticity (how to train your brain to create new empowering patterns)

Module 5: Awareness, Self-awareness, and Acceptance. Train your brain to be happy and mindful. Learn how to increase your self-awareness, how to let go and create sustainable new patterns

Module 6: Foundation for change and fulfillment in life: Mindset for Personal Power and Success

Module 7: A journey through the Logical Levels of Change where we'll define your Vision, Mission, Values, Beliefs (individual, team, organization, business)

Module 8: Change your beliefs change your life. We’ll create empowering beliefs to support your desired change. You’ll learn about Attention Training/ Mindfulness and get mental and physical exercises

Module 9: We will release limiting patterns, emotions, beliefs, and conditioning through the process of Timeline Therapy and a Higher Self induction

Module 10: Alignment of your values, beliefs, identity, mission, vision. Make them congruent so you are the creator of your life, with a full focus on what you want, so you can be happy and fulfilled in all areas of life

Module 11: Step into your greatness, you’ll follow the proven 9 steps of the secret of creating your future, a goal-setting process that will get you what you want if you follow the system

Module 12: Alignment of your personal vision and beliefs into all areas of life and with the vision of your relationship, health, career, and company.