Content of the Premium Coaching Program

Are You Ready To Invest Getting Your Spark Back? 

Do you want to know the worth of

  • a 120-minute strategy call with me
  • having a minimum of 7 hours 1:1 coaching calls with me
  • bi-weekly Q&A (group) calls
  • pdf’s and videos with Sparkling content and tasking
  • guided meditations and other bonus materials to help you unleash your brilliance.

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What happens after you Apply for the Program?


If you commit yourself to Get Your Spark Back we will get you started immediately. Once you sign up, you’ll receive valuable assessments and a welcome package in your inbox.


You’ll get access to my calendar to book your welcome 1:1 120 minutes Get Your Spark Back Discovery call to get clarity on your challenges and what it is that you so desire.

And you can immediately plan your bi-weekly 1:1 20 minutes accountability calls with me.
Every week a new module releases with a video, a guided meditation, and worksheets that help you to let go of the old, create long-lasting new patterns and welcome the new bright you!


What makes this program different?

Get Your Spark Back is a unique coaching program that digs deep and releases unconscious layers that normally won’t be touched, the conditioning that keeps you stuck, stressed, frustrated and procrastinated in life.


We’ll use Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy to set you free and reconnect you to your subconscious power! Milton Ericson, world’s famous hypnotist, and a very wise man once said: "people are only out of balance if they are out of rapport with their subconscious power".  


First, you’ll get the insights you need to be able to let go of what hinders you and step into your power again. Then you will be provided with an unshakeable mindset to deal with all that life has in store for you. This program shows you what to change and how to change and it is a program for life!  After this, you have all the resources to have your Spark back in your life!


Life is a continuous cycle of learning and growing. Nothing is as consistent as change in life. You can’t tame the waves, though you can learn how to surf.


 My promise to you

I only make promises I can keep so here is my promise to you!

If you trust the process, give your 100%, and work through all the steps to Get Your Spark Back, you’ll

  • See, hear, feel you are in control of your thoughts and you’ll have that peace of mind you were craving for
  • Have proven strategies and resources that will take you anywhere in life
  • Release all limiting beliefs and negative emotions that have been holding you back
  • Have long-lasting powerful new patterns to create the life you really love
  • Be in alignment with your subconscious power and feel your energy growing every day
  • Live life on purpose 
  • Get Your Spark Back